Duties and Purpose

Purpose of the association is the promotion, maintenance and demonstration of art and culture around the didgeridoo and beat boxing and the associated awareness of life.

Purpose of the association is promotion of international understanding, art and culture with the focuses on indigenous cultures of Aboriginal people and their musical instruments, especially the didgeridoo.

  • Knowledge transfer and providing information about the cultures and folkways of indigenous cultures.
  • Promoting the distribution of music with indigenous instruments, especially the didgeridoo as well teaching and usage of the instruments e.g. in workshops
  • Public relations
  • Teaching the reproduction and restoration of these instruments
  • the implementation and support of projects, courses and informal events
  • Realization and assistance of projects, workshops and informal events
  • Education, placement and training of appropriate experts – if required on site at the respective Aborigine
  • Organizations of international events/meetings with experts and interested young people and adults - if required on site at the respective Aborigines
  • Organization of trips to cultural sites of indigenous people during workshops and international events/meetings
  • On-site training and transmission of customs and ways of life
  • Organization and operation of information centers where you can test and learn th exhibited instruments
  • As well the organization and operation of a center for the on-site training of customs and rite e.g. at festivals.
  • Promotion of international understanding particularly through:

    • the support of foreign visitors
    • the encounter between Germans and foreigners in Germany
    • the exchange via Germany and overseas
    • the support of facilities whose activities are targeted on the international understanding

Didgeridoo Baum